As I take the Moon within my Hands,

I become the Night.

Dedicated to the Hekatean Devotee, the book is an exploration of the Universal Goddess Hekate and Her role as an Illuminating Guide within the Darkness. Lunatik WitchCraft – Illuminating Your Underworld descends into the mysteries of the Chthonic Underworld of myth and mind, shining light on our own personal psychic Underworld, our Unconscious. With deeply symbolic and evocative rites designed to initiate a journey into confronting our Shadow for psychic healing, magick and worship in the name of Hekate.

Ultimately, Lunatik Witchcraft teaches reconnection,
becoming the liminal bridge between Self and Divinity,
psyche and nature, devotee and deity…
A rendering of illusion and remembering again
our kinship with Hekate and all things.



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